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We design invisible times.
This can solve invisible problems such as concentration, memory, and lifestyle.
Design Your Lifestyle!

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  • Minee is a concept timer that increases immersion and concentration in business, work, and reading. It is used in situations that require intensive immersion by visualizing time flows vividly, and it is also effective in overcoming depression and lethargy. Click on the top button and over time, the red color The running time is the default of 150 minutes, which is the optimal time to achieve the best results.

    For those of you who want to increase the flow time by stage - Minee step

    An NFC chip is built into the underside. You can set the size of time in each step through NFC card. Purchase a set of mini steps to upgrade to 50 minutes, 100 minutes, and 150 minutes. Choose a time of immersion.

    Online shopping mall June OPEN!

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    DEADLINE is an app service that protects against the loss of time and money due to missed deadlines. You can easily check the various deadlines and cancellation dates at a glance. In the immediate order, we will let you know what you will do then and connect you to the relevant service immediately.

    Intuitive UI

    A deadline is displayed in darker color so that the user can see the D-days called deadlines at a glance. This allows you to intuitively know what dates are left.

    Convenient Registration System

    Users can recommend popular deadlines and users can choose only their own dates to maximize user convenience and usability. In the future, we will expand our affiliates through the MyDATA Project, which allows us to manage our users' deadlines.

MELIKE, launch new apps

mk.co.kr 2019.03.11

MELIKE, launches 'Deadline' service to advise on deadlines

Platum 2019.03.06

Product for freshman 'Minee'


Create immersion habits - Immersion timer MINEE


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· K-Global 300 selected as a promising ICT company

· Item for commercialization of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Foundation Convention

· Winning the 19th Women's Startup Competition

· Adopting Seoul Development Institute's Commercialization Support Project

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